What is acoustic levitation used for?

What is acoustic levitation used for?

Aerodynamically-induced low pressure and high lift with very little effort is often used in the construction of bridges, which results in the creation of small air bubbles which can cause significant ground movement.

How does acoustic levitation work if you don’t have the equipment?

One of the best ways to know a levitation method without the use of the equipment is to ask the person performing the procedure. The person will usually answer with some explanation about why one might prefer low pressure or high lift instead of just using an electrical tool to achieve levitation.

How about using a magnet, laser, or a wave-reflective surface. What are those?

Magnetics is often used for an induction levitation. It is the combination of electromagnetic radiation and a magnetic field that creates a positive voltage. A conventional electric generator or direct current system can supply the magnetic field. The magnet is located in the base of the levitation vessel and provides a constant magnetic field which is sensed by the electric engine.

Laser levitation is usually done by sending a beam of high intensity laser light through a very large volume of water. It is used for example for creating a vortex wave in a swimming pool or aquarium. A high intensity laser light is also used by a few people in the field to levitate objects.

How could a person levitate an object?

Many techniques could be used although an efficient, large-scale, levitation process has not been explored to date. One common method used underwater is called a tidal coil because the water is filled with a very small amount of water. The current used to propel the current depends on the depth of the water. A simple calculation shows that up to a volume of one meter, the current requires only 1.3 amps.
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