What is mini tackle in magic? – Best Magic Tricks On America’s Got Talent Cards

What is mini tackle in magic? – Best Magic Tricks On America’s Got Talent Cards

Mini tackle is used as a way to make your favorite trick easy. Imagine you are trying to get a ball into the goal. So you grab the ball with your palm and roll it up in your arm. However, at the end of your palm we do not touch the ball. Instead, we use our fingers to apply pressure on the ball until we hear a click. This is how we make the trick easy to pull off. We apply pressure on the ball until we hear a click, giving us a good idea of what it will look like in reality.

Here is a video tutorial I created with mini tackle.

Why Mini Tackle?

The majority of our tricks involve the magic pen, so we use the same style of tip that you use to create the tip of your magic pen.

You would also typically have a hard tip to the tip that helps with this trick.

As if that was not enough, you can add some twist to the trick by using a tip that is a little bit heavier. If you have the Magic Pen, then you can use the Magic Pen Tip with just enough weight to help the trick pop a little more.

Mini Tackle in Play

A very popular mini tackle trick that I have seen all over YouTube is the One Finger. This simple trick is performed by grasping a pair of fingers of a right handed magician holding a big magic mirror. In order to perform this trick, you need a mirror with a hard tip (like a magnifying glass). The mirror is the top of the magician’s ring. They will be working one finger simultaneously and one finger will get caught on one half of their magic mirror. This is how they will achieve the illusion of grabbing the magic mirror with only one hand.

This mini tackle trick is great to practice if you enjoy applying pressure with your hands and feel the need to put in more effort in your magic tricks. You may find that you need to use less magic than a lot of people to achieve the illusion.

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