What is psychic power?

What is psychic power?

It is the ability to see or hear things that are beyond the physical realm.

If you do happen to experience a sudden change in consciousness and if your spiritual power is sufficiently strong that you are able to do something you couldn’t before, you feel the need for this change and do you see it? If not, how to help you to help someone else do the same?

Here are some examples.

Let’s assume your friend has just been married and is still in some sort of emotional turmoil. Her friends are talking about how her marriage isn’t working out. She asks you to look around. Some of you take a photo of the situation. Some of you say nice things to your friend about how you saw her getting angry in some aspect. Some of your friends say how you helped your friend get through the day and made one step a little easier.

What do you do?

First of all, you see how happy you are. If your friend hadn’t done this you wouldn’t be seeing it. You wouldn’t even be seeing her.

Next you do what you’re supposed to do. You reach out and gently brush your friend’s shoulders. You don’t shake her. You don’t shake the hands that are on her, either. Instead you ask yourself, “How can she make this situation better?” You say nice things about her and try to remind yourself that you were the one who called her on this part of the job.

You go on to talk about what you’ve done and how you’re going to help other people make the changes to their lives. You say you do it out of love and because you enjoy seeing and listening to your friends and because they are all beautiful people. If you haven’t been blessed to work with a large group of people of all talents, you’re not the best person for that kind of situation so you leave.

A friend of a coworker recently moved to a new city. She has a house on the lake, she has a new job, she has her children, and so on. She decides she would like to experience the magic of magic while in town and ask for some assistance. Her employer is supportive. She knows they will need help. So, she agrees to do a small spell in the middle of the day that will allow you to speak to your neighbor and ask her some personal questions she doesn’t remember. She would like to do this in her room, not at the office.

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