When was the word witch first used? – Simple Magic Tricks With Hands

When was the word witch first used? – Simple Magic Tricks With Hands

“This word is in the old Irish dictionary. As soon as it’s in the Irish dictionary, you start using it.”

“Wasn’t there a famous witch named ‘Witch of Glastonbury’? I know you mean something else. But didn’t that mean the woman who had some kind of connection with an evil force in the world? That was her name.”

“Oh dear, I don’t know. I think she was called a witch, if I remember right.”

“Is that you?” asked Harry.

“I’m not sure of that name,” replied Malfoy. “It was given to her by a schoolmate. As for my own name – I mean, who’s mine anyway? And why is my name in there?”

The only thing that might explain it was that he really did have an owl named after him. Perhaps Malfoy didn’t know. But in his youth, he had been very successful. Not long ago he had been promoted above Malfoy, making him the top dog in Slytherin House. He had also started being referred to by Muggles as ‘the Black Owl’.
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“Is it because you think I’m a Muggle?” he asked.

“Well,” said Malfoy, “I’m the Muggle part of your name.”

“So that’s why I’m called Black Owl,” said Harry.

“There’ll be other versions of you, right?” demanded Malfoy.

“You’re still called Black Owl, aren’t you?” asked Hermione. “Does Malfoy know you’re going to get married soon?”

“But you’re an owl now, aren’t you?” asked Draco.

“In a way,” replied Hermione. “But I am no longer an owl. I’m an actual bird now.”

That was a surprise; she could hardly imagine any other way a person could be able to have an actual human mate.

“You’ll get married someday, won’t you?” asked Malfoy.


“Do you want to tell me all about it? I’ll be happy to take your orders on when to visit my cousin in Wales.”

“Yes,” said Malfoy. “Of course. I won’t do anything wrong.”

They talked for almost an hour, their conversations coming to a head during the meal. He was always eager to play the part of the villain. She knew he was lying, even though she couldn

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