Where did the idea of magic come from? – Easy Magic Tricks With Household Items

Where did the idea of magic come from? – Easy Magic Tricks With Household Items

The early work [of Arthur Schopenhauer] was really in describing reality as something other and more interesting, in nature, than the thing that we usually know about it.

What about the idea of magic is a product of human stupidity or prejudice?

It’s an idea that has fascinated philosophers for a long time. Schopenhauer suggested that this world, while in the midst of continual evolution, was an illusory entity. We could only inhabit reality through this illusion of this world.

Why did Schopenhauer’s writings become important?

Because they are the first book (not to mention the only book in existence) that gives an account of existence, and then goes to the root of existence. It’s a very deep book that goes beyond all the “philosophy of natural philosophy”.

So is it possible to know if a thing is magical or in reality?

The best way to answer this question would be to ask yourself whether you are living in a magical world. It’s not about how much of the world you are living in, it’s whether you really believe in a magical world. The real question is whether you should believe in a magical world, or not.

We live our lives in a magical world when we think things are out of our control. You are just as much in charge of what happens as when you have been in a magical world or not. As for me, I do believe in a “magic” world, but at the moment when I first started hearing about this and began to look into it, I could never have guessed that the magic is the best explanation for everything. To me the real magical world is much bigger than me, and I’ve only scratched the surface.

This interview was conducted by Richard Deacon, editor of The Book of Truth (public library). To order this book, go to Amazon.au P&P.


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