Who is the first magician in the world?

Who is the first magician in the world?

This question became the starting point for almost every conversation about the famous, not least because it is a simple one. Yet the origin of the question is more complicated than it may seem and has to do with the most important aspect of how we view the future in a magical context, namely the “next time” – the magician who can predict the future in such a way that what he does will affect what happens in the present and what’s going to happen in the future.

One might start a talk about magic by saying, “I have a feeling I will end up going to the same magic school this year as last year.” This is not just the opinion of a novice, but also is an opinion of a magic graduate. In other words, there are two kinds of students: students who are not ready to do magic, because they didn’t graduate with magic; and those who are ready to do it, but feel that what they did wasn’t enough.

Let’s consider a student who’s not ready to do magic: he doesn’t like what he does and he thinks that what he’s doing is wrong. He would much rather have another year to himself and study or train than to spend his life doing what he absolutely hates – doing things he can’t control.

This student is ready for the challenge of finding out if what he does is better than the things he likes. If it is better, he will do the more difficult, not always less difficult thing in the future. If it isn’t better, he won’t do it.

So does the world want us to spend our life doing more of what we hate (magic)?

The answer is: yes. It wants us to spend our lives doing things we’re not ready for and to do them in a way that’s likely to end up with us doing things that we’re not ready for, no matter what the outcome.
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The reason for this is simple: the world wants us to use our brains (our brains are, in a sense, what our world is made of). Magic does not change the brain; it makes the brain stronger.

We are all born a human. This is our birthright and we have the right to make our lives our own. Magic creates a world in which you, the brain, are free to create a life with which you’re perfectly comfortable.

That’s why the question of whether the world wants us to do magic – and what if we don’t? – has