Can you teach yourself to draw? – Easy 3D Pencil Drawings

Can you teach yourself to draw? – Easy 3D Pencil Drawings

I love it, that’s what I love. It’s a challenge. The last time I drew this was when I was 12. I drew the first part of the first season of Orange is the New Black. Then I went down the rabbit hole to the rest of the series. I started at season 4 or at least it was the beginning. So, now I’m just learning. Now I have to go back into the drawing process.

Can you be in character for the entire season?

Yeah, that’s the plan. I want to just draw every scene that I can. That way, I can say whatever comes out of my mouth. I’m thinking of trying to go to Comic-Con and try to do my own thing. I’ll be wearing my character’s clothes and I’ll be in character. Maybe I’m going to do that live, kind of.

You can’t do it live?

No. That’s the plan. I don’t know because I haven’t figured out how to do it. I’ve figured out what kind of character to be and what’s the tone I want to go with but sometimes it takes me a while to even figure it out. That’s why, for example, in one episode I’m playing the mother of one of my kids. Then I’m supposed to be this character who is also a mother of her little girl, and she says she’s going to be like me when she’s grown up because she’s a girl, and she wants to be like her mom, etc.

What was the most difficult thing you’d ever done?

Probably one of the toughest things I’ve done with this show was [to play] the whole father storyline from the first season. I just think it was very difficult for me because the first season, even with my mom, I’m kind of that weird little kid in the corner who is kind of the center of the story in a way. I’m the reason that everybody in the neighborhood has to talk to me in that world I’m in. So, it was very hard.

Who are some people that have helped you along and have inspired you?

My mom, I’m going to say. She’s very supportive and I’m always trying to do what’s right for her. I don’t know, just kind of the way I grew up. That’s the first thing my mom is there for.

What kind of mom are we going to see in

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