How do you draw a head?

How do you draw a head?

Do you take a photo and then draw the head, or do you look it up. And is that the proper way to do that? How does that lead into making it look like an animatronic?

We have a lot of reference as we do a lot of stuff for characters. We’ve taken a lot of photos for the head that we do on paper, just to make sure, like in some of the older games we did, we’ll still have that kind of reference to work with. So, we’ll pull a face from that and see, ‘oh yeah, we’ll make the same face.’ And it gets us a lot of heads right off the chin.

I’ve seen people say it looks like [the Game & Watch] from Final Fantasy VI.

Yeah, or, if we have a little bit of an artistic license, then of course it’s a pretty accurate likeness. But, you know, we’re dealing with that stuff and, yeah, I’ve worked with a lot of companies at other companies, the people at Nintendo and Square Soft have all been awesome at talking with us when we got the license to use characters. We were fortunate enough to get an opportunity to use those characters from an iconic game and a legendary franchise on the Wii U [laughs]. I’m glad we got the opportunity to do that.

But then people also come up with these stuff and they’ll put their stuff on the internet and say, ‘this is what this character looks like.’ I’m like ‘well of course it’s going to look the same’. What we’re looking at is the original, original model. No matter how far off of it is, we’re really looking at the original model. But no matter how good that is, that’s not going to make you a good animatronic in this case.

I’ve always been amazed at how these characters have all these different faces, and they all have these eyes, and they have this kind of strange expression on their face, and it’s all just one piece of the anatomy. When I look at the body for an animatronic, there’s a lot of detail that’s gone into it. But then, like, if you take a photo of a really expensive plastic model and you turn and you cut it up and you put it in a blender, there actually are some details that are not on the original. So you have to look at it, and look at the original. I’m always amazed at how