How do you draw pencil art?

How do you draw pencil art?

How do you draw paper art?

One of the things you don’t realize is just how much you are losing. A lot of the time you are drawing pencils, and you are using so much.

What are your top three most challenging projects?

I’m working on a new comic book called, The Great Dictator, but it’s one of those books I just can’t wait to get it out into the world. As a writer, I love the idea of storytelling. I love story. I love drawing, and writing…I always thought there were some kind of tricks of the trade that I could do that could get me out of the box. Sometimes you can learn so much from just drawing something. So for me, I am excited about trying. I am interested in taking things in new directions. I’m interested in writing books and exploring different ways of telling stories. It’s always a challenge, but there’s no easy way. Everything that I do, I do in order to learn. The Great Dictator is a fun little book.

Would you rather work with another artist, or with yourself?

I’m looking at the same kind of book as many of you do, that’s very exciting to me. There is an incredible energy now, and people are creating things that we have never seen before. I have always been fascinated with the idea of taking something that is familiar and making something original, and having people come out to have fun with it. So it’s a really interesting thing for me, to get a chance to try something I have never tried before.

What would be your dream project?

I could only really really say one thing, and that is, to create a graphic novel that I would write.

What are you doing this semester?

I took a class called Graphic Storytelling, which is essentially a course where I teach graphic narrative. There is not really much difference between a script and a story that you do, other than a word or two that goes on the page. Some of the story stuff could be anything. Some of it could be more formal, which is interesting for me. I’m very interested in making connections. If you’re an artist, this is an important subject you learn about. The visual language of stories is still one of the things we take for granted as storytellers. It’s a very broad subject, so I think that’s a great topic.