How do you protect a pencil drawing? – Pencil Drawing For Kids

How do you protect a pencil drawing? – Pencil Drawing For Kids

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There are numerous products available to protect pencils, pencils are extremely fragile and very susceptible to damage if accidentally dropped or dropped onto a hard surface. We use a variety of protective products to enhance the look and feel and protect our pencils from common household objects and everyday wear and tear.

One of the most popular, and most expensive, forms of protective ink is clear. Clear works by applying a thin film of color to the pencil’s edge and the edge of the pencil. A common problem with clear is that the paper’s surface will absorb the color onto its surface and it will appear as a thick, blotchy color. This color will eventually dull and disappear. To counter this effect, most manufacturers use a second layer of clear that reflects the color onto the paper. However, this second layer does not reflect the color of the paper. You may notice that you can still see the pencil on your copy paper even after using only the white clear. This is because the paper’s surface has absorbed the clear on the underside of the board. In other words, while the pencils are being protected with clear, the paper is still absorbing the color onto its surface making the ink appear as a thin, black smear on the paper. This is known as fading. Even this secondary coating doesn’t completely prevent fading if the underlying paper is wet.

The solution to this is to cover the paper with a protective film. This can be either a clear protective layer on a single piece of paper, or more often, a film of different colors, all layered on a single piece of paper, making the entire design visible. To prevent fading of the original design or color it should be applied to the paper prior to printing. A film should cover less then 0.1 of an inch from the edges of the board, which is equivalent to 0.03 inches for an F-5 size sheet for a full size sheet. This can sometimes be avoided by printing your drawing on a larger sheet to protect the piece of paper more than it covers.

While a clear coating can protect the drawing from the natural damage of exposure to the atmosphere and wear and tear, a film of different color can take away the dulling effect from the white and brightens the coloring. This is the purpose of the “film” applied on the paper, the effect of which is to prevent fading as the print will be hidden by the additional color layers. The result is that your drawing looks much sharper and more true to the original design.


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