Is there a number 1 pencil?

Is there a number 1 pencil?

I’ve got a number 1 pencil, that works okay. I don’t like the size and shape of the Number 1, but we do have one at home.

Have you read a lot of books about numbers?

A little bit, yes! When I was little, I read A New Kind of Science by David Hilbert. That really made a big impression on my thinking and helped me a lot with my numbers from there. I didn’t study this very much, but I was always in favor of using the integers. We did not have to do a lot of work on figuring out what they are.

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I also read quite a bit of the work by Thomas Leibniz, including his Theorem for Integers, the Leibniz’s Algorithm and some of his Mathematical Demonstrations. I took a lot of mathematical concepts to heart and I’ve also studied and worked pretty much with the number systems of the USA and some of the European countries. Some of the stuff I had never heard before: decimal points are decimal fractions, there are only two ways to go from 0 to 1.

Who has made the most influential contributions to algebraics?

There is an amazing number of them! But I would start with a list! In addition to Hilbert and Leibniz there were G.H. Hardy, John Dalton, Robert Klein. Then we have Albert Einstein but he had a great influence on algebra. And you know, of course, there’s all sorts I missed. I can’t list them all, so I would say Albert Einstein and I would start with number two.

How did you become interested in algebraic mathematics?

I took an undergraduate course in it in high school, then took a chemistry-mathematics course, then went to university. One of the things that gave me an interest in math was knowing the letters ‘a’ to ‘z’ in the Roman alphabet.

Do you use calculus for calculations?

I do calculus, and I am in charge of computing everything that I’m doing with computers.

What kind of software has made your algebraic calculations so easy?

Well, I think the most fundamental is the calculator, yes, but there are a lot of software programs that I use, too. But I use the one you get for free! It’s called FreeCalc and it’s really good.

Are you involved in science education?

Yes, we do