What are the 2 types of drawing? – Sketch Drawing Tutorial

What are the 2 types of drawing? – Sketch Drawing Tutorial

The first is the “point and fill” method, the second is the “dynamic” method. Point and fill method is useful for drawing large shapes, but because the method will result in a very different final result than the dynamic method we can find another option out there. Dynamic drawing method consists of 3 steps: Generating an image of a shape. Filling that image with the desired shapes. Then coloring that image.

But don’t get confused. In the point and fill method we are simply creating an image of a circle. In the dynamic drawing method we are creating an image of, what’s known as a polygon using the methods available on Windows (or any other device that supports drawable classes, including tablets).

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Let’s first take a look at the point and fill drawing method. Since we’re drawing circles on the screen, let’s generate a circle first.

Now we can draw a circle and draw it on a line with the “Point and Fill” method. Let’s then generate the image using the “Fill” method. If we do some math in the Draw call we can derive an image based on the circle that we’ve drawn.

Now let’s draw this image on the screen using the image generated from the dynamic version, and then paint it and display it:

Now we can easily apply this method as we use our paint event (for instance paint).

Using the Dynamic Drawing Method

The point and fill type of drawing method works with a number of different image formats. You can use most graphics formats (like PNG, GIF, BMP, JPG, PDF, and more) in point and fill drawing method. Just like point and fill drawing method, dynamic drawing method makes use of the various drawable classes that can be found on Windows or any other graphical device.

The dynamic drawing method relies on three different types of drawable classes available on Windows:

Drawable Class (DrawableType.ANY) Drawable Class with an image on it Drawable Class with a set of colors Drawable Class with a text on it

The first class is what’s known as dynamic drawing method. If you draw an image on a solid color, then draw on a solid color (which is the “Color” class, available on ColorSet in Windows) Drawable Class with an image on top of it (also called dynamic drawing method) is what we’d like to use. We’ll use this class for drawing with an embedded image

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