What are the drawing techniques? – Charcoal Medium History

What are the drawing techniques? – Charcoal Medium History

Well we’re a team of five artists working independently. One of us, John, is a painter and another one, Mark, is a sculptor who also does graphics, the third is a graphic artist and the fourth is a model. With a team of five it’s much easier as in our case there’s usually a lot of material to work with. With a smaller team it can be tricky as they’re only given a certain number of hours in the day to accomplish what they can. Because we’re working on a different style of work they also sometimes have to change in different ways.

This was definitely a case whereby the art and the modelling/sculpting/modelling were a team effort and both needed to have their parts worked out in order to achieve what we needed.

What are the plans for the content for this map?

It depends on how the release goes. As I mentioned with all of our releases there is always going to be a lot of content, but since we’re still in an early preview we can’t really make a solid plan, but I can say that there’s definitely going to be more content planned for this map, and that content is going to be pretty big, but not to a point where there’s not going to be a lot of surprises. I would say that based on the past few releases we’ve had, we’re hoping that most people are going to enjoy the map.

Will there be any features added after this map with the possible exception of a boss?

Yes, there’s going to be something added to a normal pack with every release, so it’s not an exclusive feature.

Can you describe it for people who haven’t played it?

I’m going to use my words and not my mouth! This map is for everyone, regardless of the experience, or the skill level or age, there are no hard and fast rules on this map you can enjoy!

What were people saying about Itz?

Itz is a very well designed map that gives an excellent representation of what it feels like to play a normal map or a team death match map. The environment is a lot more alive than ever before. The player’s eyes tend to be drawn to the beautiful colors and the contrast creates a very visceral feeling. The weapons look sharp and crisp, and have just the right amount of kick. There are some really nice touches in the model pack that add a sense of style and interest to the map but, like

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