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What is an F graphite pencil?

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A graphite pencil’s design is almost always dictated by the material it is printed in. Many brands and styles are available and the color of both the wood and the metal often affects the pencil’s design, but a good start is a pencil that is “tumbled” (used to form a perfectly smooth edge). A “fine” pencil is a type of graphite that has only a tiny surface area. A “medium” is used for writing applications. There are many basic shapes and styles of graphite, but the four main shapes are: F, D, R and S shapes.

A good choice of pen to use with modern F graphite pencils is a “medium” style (F, D, A and S). Graphite works best for writing or drawing on almost any type of surface (such as a rough-edge plane, the back of an envelope, the side of a piece of paper, a small table, etc.) where the surface is smooth but not perfectly smooth.

An F graphite pencil should be comfortable to write with and is easily sharpenable. The pen should be clean. The pen should have a good pen refill.

The pencil should have no sharp parts and have the “tumbles” in a comfortable writing position. When the pencil is used this way, the nib should be flush with the barrel of the pencil. Some people prefer the stubs on the barrel, but it is also a possibility that the pencil can have a sharp part. When writing with a stub, the sharp point can break in the barrel