What is the darkest graphite pencil? – Pencil Drawing Tutorial Pdf

What is the darkest graphite pencil? – Pencil Drawing Tutorial Pdf

As dark as blood, more like…


So if you are considering purchasing an “inner barrel” (no hollow barrel, just a simple flat barrel with a thin inner cylinder and a thin wall between the two), please see below for this graphite pencil formula from A.D. Hirsch, which was developed for high velocity ballpoint pens and is used in the old time ballpoint pens that were made with the flat barrel “in place” (hence “in barrel-ballpoint” pen).

The formula uses a small amount of carbon that is then heated up in the core of the core. It is what makes it a very high velocity ballpoint pen with very little pen wear. The carbon and the carbon rod are melted together in the core, and when that molten carbon expands slightly, the rod separates into a ball of carbon that can then expand further and expand more.

In order for the “inner barrel to be as dark as blood” (as measured by tungsten color) it must be made of very thin steel, as thinner steel is known to be corrosive. The thinner steel would be even darker.


So that being said…


A. D. Hirsch

A.D. Hirsch (and the other Hirsch researchers, no matter where they call home), are all over the top with their writing instruments. They are known to write with a pencil that is literally the darkest thing that can possibly be.

They have patented many different things relating to their ink ball systems. They have invented “Inchronous” steel (or “Inchron” for short) ballpoint pens which are the darkest thing ever invented (it is like the darkest thing to put in a pencil, the pencil is a “pen”), and they have the same inks (inks which they patent) as well as a different inks for the graphite ballpoint pen. But their inks are very complex and unique.

So, no matter where you go on your notebook, it is going to be a black piece of paper in the most literal sense. It is going to be a big, long black piece of paper with a black ink.

There are few better black ink designs, as long as you are reading in black on a black sheet of paper.

That being the case, the one thing that I recommend for new readers or someone just getting started with

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