What is the softest pencil?

What is the softest pencil?

The Softest Pencils

In your opinion, the softest pencil in the world is a Bic pencil. It has just a soft point and the smallest hollow that allows it to be cut a long distance.

However, a Bic is not good for drawing a curve or even drawing straight lines. This also applies to Focalin. As you can see from some of these pictures, with all of these thin points, they are difficult to use. You have to find the right angle where you want to cut, which is often a problem with pencils that have a flat point.

But the softest pencil I used this year was a Bic. You can see how thin and how small the hollow is in its centre, making it a good pencil for very simple drawing.

A pencil that doesn’t have a narrow hollow in the centre is not suitable for drawing curves (or anything that is very straight, like in this drawing by me). However, if you have a narrow point, you can find some of these Bic pencils in many of the fine art books that you can buy. You can use them too. Just note that they will look more like a pencil when you start drawing.

The hollow is only about 1mm in diameter, so no worry if it’s hard to see your pencils in sunlight. The hollow is not very hard so there is no issue about cutting short.

However, you should also note that it can be a little painful to draw around its edges, as it was for me. Also, there is a small amount of friction, especially near the edge, so the edge can be rough to use. And if you cut too close to its centre, it tends to get stuck in the hollow.

The softest pencil in the world is not an ideal choice if you are used to sharp pen, or you can only draw a small amount of the pen. So you will find other pencils that can be used.

These are some samples of the Bic pencils. Here is a picture with a sharp pencil.
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I used a Sharpie pen to illustrate this. The hollow is about 1mm in diameter. And the sharp pencil was slightly larger. So the difference is probably in the hollow diameter.

One important thing should be seen when using any pencil if you have ever done a lesson. Always draw a curve, not a straight line.

When drawing straight lines, you have to