Can Instagram sell my photos?

Can Instagram sell my photos?

It sounds obvious, but in some circumstances, Instagram may not have the legal right to sell your pictures so long as they are posted within this Terms of Service or Content Usage Agreement.

Can Instagram remove my pictures?

Instagram may remove photos you post, if any, from Instagram if:

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a) your posting is in breach of the Terms of Service, or it is reported to us from a legal source that you are in breach; b) your posting is libelous, defamatory, threatening, or pornographic, and if we can’t find another way of getting it posted.; c) we have reason to suspect that the user’s photograph or description is offensive or dangerous. (For example, if that user is in possession of a knife, knife is more likely to be offensive than a bicycle.) (Or if you have been convicted of a crime such as domestic violence or sexual assault involving a knife, or if your description indicates such possession of the product.) or d) you’ve already removed photos from a particular Instagram account for copyright infringement.

Where can I see my deleted photos? (A summary of the process for making a request to have your photo restored.)

You can request the removal of your image on YouTube in a number of ways:

• You can use this YouTube Help page to help you figure out if you qualify for this option. You can also contact Instagram’s Creative Department in your particular country. The Creative Department will help you with your request and provide the following services: a) Help you upload photo files to YouTube without losing them to us. b) Our legal compliance department will help you with filing your complaint in the United States, France, United Kingdom, etc., and file an expedited response and take the image down. c) You can request to have your profile removed on Instagram.d) You can use this Instagram Help page to help you figure out if you qualify for this option: e) We can remove your profile from Instagram by posting links within Instagram’s Content Usage Agreement or Content Usage Policy. If we do this, we can’t take down your photos because we don’t even know they exist. f) You can submit a takedown request via our website , or use our request form . In this process, we can remove your photos by providing you with an invoice for the costs of our removal process, along