Can photography be a career?

“Of all the professions, photography is by far the most stable and most lucrative,” said Jim Ried, vice president of the National Association of Professional Photographer’s. “It’s incredibly rewarding. It just keeps improving and improving. And it’s a wonderful career in any setting.”

When you’re not photographing people, however, you have to think about that photo contest, which costs money.

“There’s a lot more pressure because that’s your ticket,” Gull said.

The only way to pay for a photo contest, he said, is by having an artist’s fee for the competition, whether that be $100, $1,000 or $40,000. If you don’t have the talent and want to show it off as much as possible, the best option is to find an artist for the contest and pay the artist for the photo of your choosing.

That’s why we love the contest as much as we do — the chance to get a shot of a person that you really, really want to take a photo of and then sell it and make a quick buck.

In case you were wondering how you’d make your money if you were an aspiring photojournalist, we have tips and advice you could share.

The first thing you need is talent.

“You really need talent in order to really sell your photos,” Ried said. “There is not just one photographer who can take your idea and sell it. I’ve seen hundreds of photo contests over the years that weren’t good. That’s probably why most people quit.”

So if you want to make money selling photos, you first need to find an artist who is talented, said Rick Siegel, director of photography with the Chicago Association of Photographers.

“You’re not going to compete with one who’s a good photographer every year, especially at a large price,” Siegel said. “The best way to get the best, most talented photographer in a given city is to work with him or her personally. To be a good photographer in Chicago — and to be a good photographer anywhere — you really need to work with a photographer who is committed and has something positive to say about his or her work to the point where it is their vision that you want to communicate in a photograph.”

Actual Income from a Real Stock Photography Contributor
Ried agrees. There is only one way to do that, he said, and it’s the way photojournalists do it.

“My advice to everybody