What makes a good stock photo?

What makes a good stock photo?

It’s not hard; it’s the way the photos turned out. A great example.

One of my biggest mistakes this season was missing a photo of my family and the lake at Lake Winnipesaukee. I think I’ll do something about that next year.

How many shots are a picture worth? A picture is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars (or something).

I’m not just saying “shot” or “a picture.” I’m adding adjectives to help you make an independent judgment. And I’m using “bought for” to help you figure out if the price was really worth it.

I’m also using the noun “picture” to indicate a group of pictures. For instance, I said, “One great photo for a great family reunion!” And my audience could have heard me say, “That’s a picture for one family reunion, and for my wife’s next family reunion she’s going to go to a different place she knows much better than we have, and that’s what we want. That’s a great picnic at Lake Winnipesaukee!”

I don’t usually use “photo” unless I can see it as a whole, unless I want someone else to go do the photographing for me.

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan: Romney’s ‘pro-business, free market’ views on the federal budget are not as mainstream as the party’s rank and file

Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign said Sunday it had decided not to offer $100,000 in free campaign ads by the Republican congressman from Wisconsin who was picked for the vice presidential slot.

In his selection, Ryan won the endorsement of John McCain, the veteran politician who endorsed Romney in October. In a statement, the Romney campaign said the ad buys – which will be released shortly – were “consistent with the views of the entire Senate Republican caucus”.
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Romney has said his running mate ought to be someone who is “vocal and clear in their support of our economy and of the federal budget”. His campaign did not explain why it was not Ryan. A Ryan spokeswoman declined to comment.

In interviews with Fox News and Fox Business on Sunday, Ryan said he opposed the $716bn (£491bn) cut in defense spending proposed in a Republican alternative to Obama’s 2011 budget proposal, and that he opposed repealing the Affordable Care Act.

Romney has said his selection and Ryan’s budget would “put us on the path of fiscal responsibility from deficit spending to balanced budget