How do I print high quality photos from my iPhone? – Shutterstock Login

How do I print high quality photos from my iPhone? – Shutterstock Login

Donald Trump and Family Seem Upset They Can't Make Money Off White ...

How do I make a PDF version of my photos on my iPad?

You’ve read news stories about how President Obama hasn’t even had his fill of golfing — or that one of his golfing buddies said he never played it for the money. He said he did, but didn’t tell the American people. So the New York Times, in an editorial on golf, had Obama say, “Let me be clear. I’m not playing golf for the money; I’m playing golf, and I love it, and I’ve got to be out there playing the best I can, because if I don’t, we’re not going to win this game.” Of course, Obama lied; it’s just that he was playing golf for the money … or was he?

A spokesman for the president says that golf isn’t about giving money, it’s about having fun. He has a lot of fun with it. And for him, it’s not about trying to impress anyone — it’s all about having fun. But how much fun? It’s been a week and a half since President Obama played golf, and the New York Times is now running the same old news story about how golf is a form of charity. In their editorial they ask, “Do they believe he’s playing golf ‘for the money’, or not? And what are the chances the president himself ever played a round, anyway?”

I think you might find the answer pretty interesting. I suspect that the article it is based on is a complete fabrication, and more likely a bunch of lies. A few days ago, a colleague I like asked why I was so interested in a story about President Obama’s golf game. I replied, “Well, he plays golf, and that’s part of his life. And you know what else the President plays golf for? To be in the news!” He laughed, and said, “Well I’m sure he will.” This is not my first time reading a fake news story, either. This article may well be one. But I was curious what he thought about it.

I have to agree with him. I’ve been reading and watching this story for more than a week, and I can tell you right now that the only thing the article really means is about the president’s pleasure in golfing and it’s a pretty sad, cynical view of their coverage of him. If there were real news value in it, it would focus on golf as a social activity, but then would come the

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