Can Instagram sell my photos? – How To Make Money With Videos Online

Can Instagram sell my photos? – How To Make Money With Videos Online

For starters, the answer is yes. Instagram can sell a photo under two conditions: 1) the person who takes the photo must have a verified account (i.e. a “like” from “your friends), and 2) the photo need a certain number of likes to be promoted on the platform in order to be promoted. So, even if a user has just started to follow a brand, they can be promoted as part of that person’s “following family” and promote their photos on Instagram.

For example, you’ve got a friend who likes sports teams and is looking for Instagram pics that represent his team: his followers don’t need to be verified by Instagram in order to promote these photos. If they’re an “oddball” fan (i.e. maybe don’t have a verified account yet), maybe they could use Instagram more broadly in a commercial way, such as a commercial poster for their sports team or a “buy this for $5” shirt idea for a friend who wants to promote a local restaurant with the caption: “Wanna buy ‘one of them’ shirts? Buy this for your friends at #CupDown.”

If the photographer can’t reach out to a verified account user to promote their photos on Instagram, then Instagram won’t be able to promote those photos. However, a lot of times the photographers are already verified, and they might be able to get their photos promoted anyway, if for whatever reason the photographer does not need to have a verified account. If a photographer is “one of the lucky ones” and can get promoted with just a few followers, that’s totally fine. But this should not be a concern: you need to get an awesome photographer and they’ll have their photos available for marketing the product you’re promoting!

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Why is it important for photographers to get their photographs approved by Instagram?

In the past, Instagram allowed photographers to put their images on for free! Now, if your photo is not approved, you can still publish it and get paid for it — that’s good!

But Instagram wants you to be a part of its “following family,” who must also have verified accounts. If your photo doesn’t get a promotion on Instagram, you won’t be getting paid — unless you’re an Instagram celebrity and you’re promoted by

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