How do professional photographers print their pictures? – Smugmug Pro

How do professional photographers print their pictures? – Smugmug Pro

You can use the images to create a custom printed poster, print your own prints, or add a photo of your own to your website. Print your own prints from any popular online print service, such as Printrbot.

4. Free Photo Stamps

There’s not much you can do to improve your photos with photo stamps, but they’re a great way to personalize your photographs.
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You set a photo stamp on a piece of paper and then it’s scanned, processed, and printed as an instant photo. It’s not as expensive as purchasing a professional photo printer, but you might have to wait longer before you see a photo from your favorite celebrity.

5. Custom-Printed Poster for Any Event

Creating your own posters for events can cost anything from hundreds to thousands of dollars. You will probably be lucky enough to find the perfect print that suits your needs, but they should all be printed at least a few times for maximum customization.

What does your custom poster look like? We don’t want to spoil the surprise so just come back here and let us know.

6. Customized Art Prints for Your Kids

We think the art prints on this page are great but we also think you should consider making your own art prints that are personalized for your family, kids, and their peers.

You can find your perfect art prints with more than 100 variations available, with some of the best brands making an art print available for kids.

7. Photocopies in Minutes

If you’re looking for something more time consuming than a custom printer, you can get custom copies of printed photographs online in minutes.

Photocopies of your photographs are easy to make and you might even be able to print your very own images for your online gallery or gallery website.

8. Photos Prints at Your Office

When getting photos printed your office may be too small or you may have a lot of personal work to do, your best bet is to get photos prints at your office that you can easily store and take everywhere.

You can print your photos as many times as you want or as often as you need to. It’s really up to you. Your photos prints are available right at your office, while others who work on your digital portfolio are located in a conference room or in an office suite.

9. Print Photo Copies for Your Family and Friends

Many office supply stores carry digital photos prints

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