Can I photograph anyone in public? – 500Px Prime

Can I photograph anyone in public? – 500Px Prime

Why can’t I stand and photograph anybody in a public place?

As of 2010, your best bet for a photograph to capture public attention is to make use of the internet. Although you can use a camera phone when capturing images, a camera will only turn a moment’s worth of light into a photograph if you take very low-res photos. For example, try taking a photo with a shutter speed of 1/40th and a digital zoom of 1/1000. The resulting images will have low-res artifacts due to the light used. This does not apply to outdoor use, so using a DSLR or mirrorless camera may still be your preferred method for capturing the public.

Can I film or shoot with my DSLR without a flash?

Yes. Although you must know the limitations of different flashes when shooting with your electronic device, you may want to keep your flash batteries charged and use a battery case for your flash. For more information, check out the “Flash vs Flash – How a Flash Works” article on our blog. As always, if a flash is used in a situation that you fear could damage equipment, leave it on.

How do I know what my flash is?

This depends on many factors including where the flash is and how intense the flash is. To know what type of flash you have, compare it with the images you would otherwise be exposing to. If they are similar, you know you’ve got a non-electronic flash that is designed to be triggered only with the push of a button, not the light of a visible light bulb. Electronic flash can be used for many purposes, from security lighting to professional photography. A small light bulb will not reach a large area as well as an electronic flash. If you don’t take careful steps to avoid hitting a flash bulb while doing a flash picture, you will waste your opportunity to capture an important event, be it a wedding, a family reunion, or just a photo that will be stored on your camera (this is the case for every single flash in your bag).

If I use my electronic flash outdoors or in a room light, can I control how intense the flash is outside of the room or when the camera is fully lit?

You can, but not with a lot of control. When a flash is used outdoors or in a room, you don’t receive a lot of control over how the flash is triggering. You have to wait until the light is back to the level at which you’re

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