Does Photographer own my pictures? – How To Post Videos On Youtube And Earn Money

Does Photographer own my pictures? – How To Post Videos On Youtube And Earn Money

Most photography companies who publish your pictures will pay for them.

If the photographer doesn’t want to pay, then they can take your pictures for free.

In this case they will not take credit and there is no obligation to pay.

Do I need to take the picture with my phone?

No. It’s a one click, take advantage of this, you don’t need to take the picture with that camera, you can use a tablet or PC/laptop or laptop with the camera.

Can I buy the pictures?

If you want them, you must buy them for them to be published.

You cannot just use the pictures. A magazine could publish this pictures without selling them, it could use them to talk about the issues.

I am a photojournalist, where will my pictures be published?

Most magazines/papers choose a photojournalist for the shoot, unless you are a regular photographer.

A photojournalist should show the picture in its entirety.

What if I don’t have a high quality camera?

You can use a phone.

Is that any better than taking it with a camera?

No, it’s worse.

Is there a difference?

You can use a phone while taking the picture, it will have a nicer looking image.

It will only get better once you have your high quality camera in hand.

Don’t be fooled by a smartphone though. It will have an inferior image.

My pictures have a wrong format.

It’s important you save your pictures as they are. Just like photos uploaded to Google Drive and Dropbox are in the “RAW” or “JPEG” format.

Do not store your photographs in any format other than the ones mentioned.

Save them as they are, if they are “IMG” or “PNG” format, then they will have to look the same.

What if they are “RAW” or don’t have a right format?

Then they will have to look the same.

What if there is no resolution?
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There must be a resolution, this determines how much each picture in your file contains (resolution may be described as pixels or “pixels per inch”).

You’ll see a chart on this page to help you choose the right resolution and save the file in your best quality or as the most suitable one, if your

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