What makes a good stock photo? – Do Music Videos Make Money

What makes a good stock photo? – Do Music Videos Make Money

A good stock photo has a certain level of contrast, warmth, vibrancy or tonality. If you look at the main picture on this site, you can see that it’s not actually that great. It’s a good photo and well made but not a great photo. A good photo needs to have great contrast and warmth. There should be a contrast between the sky and the sun – the sun and clouds. It needs to be like light and dark. Then it needs to have a certain level of weight, saturation and tone – all of the ingredients that make a good photo.

It’s also important to try and use as few images as possible. Take the time to scan and colorize as many images as you can. This way you can make a selection you really love.

A good stock photo should have a certain level of warmth, clarity and vibrancy. This should be complemented by an appropriate contrast range. The contrast range should be very subtle.

Also consider how the atmosphere or sunlight is perceived in the scene, for example how the air is reflecting off objects or how it looks over the horizon. Also consider the amount of lighting, like from a torch or flashlight.

As for the tone, try to avoid a washed out photo. Too much lighting might make the photos look artificial even if there are none of them, especially for people’s faces and faces of animals.

The above examples are about how to get the best in digital photography without spending years of the time. Just the basics of taking great photos. You can start from there or at least, you can take the first step. When you’re done, don’t try to learn or reinvent the wheel. Start your own photography.

In short, don’t waste your time trying to make it good. Learn how to take great photos and then go out and make photos that will stand up to scrutiny, whether by a fan or someone on the street.

The best and most important thing to do first, is just take good photos.

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