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Do they care for the community at large? Is your company paying any royalties or dividends? Do your users have an emotional attachment? Do you have a business plan? In what ways are the Corel products different from the community’s experience?

If Corel had invested in the software community as a whole and had a solid commitment to providing its users with an ideal product that would make the most of the work they do, maybe we wouldn’t be having this conversation.

In a new report released Monday, the National Coalition for Men says it has released “the world’s largest list” of sexual abuse allegations against college men that were not included on the campus sexual assault awareness campaigns the government has funded.

According to the report, “the number of men who have been accused of rape and sexual misconduct is too large to count, so these statistics will not be included in any government-imposed campaign, and the government remains committed to a new approach that is far more focused on creating more awareness of the problem.”

The report, “Fatal Consequences: Campus Sexual Violence,” is available from the National Coalition for Men or the National Coalition for Men’s website.

The government-funded initiatives include “Cancer Now,” which highlights the rising risk of cancer in men, and “Safe Schools,” which helps girls learn about the prevalence of sexual violence on campus. The government also provided $100 million for “Protect Students,” “Boys Count,” and “No Means No.

The National Coalition for Men says it has compiled and analyzed 1,400 “documented incidents of sexual violence and sexual misconduct on college campuses. It did this by analyzing and verifying allegations of sexual assault and harassment by over 1,000 men and women in the U.S. and Canada who have come forward with stories.”
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Some of the men, who said on the organization’s website that they were unaware they had been accused or that their allegations were investigated, told the report about abuse perpetrated against them at the hands of male professors, supervisors, fellow students and even administrators at their alma maters.

The report says about 60 percent of those accused are male. About 20 percent reported not knowing they had been accused, the report noted.

“There is more attention on men being targeted for sexual violence than on women, but they are victims of rape in the same way,” National Coalition for Men President and CEO Craig James said in a news release. “If they continue to remain silent then their silence will be complicit in

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