Can I learn pole dancing at home? – Best Pole Dance Ever

Can I learn pole dancing at home? – Best Pole Dance Ever


Is all pole dancing taught in the classroom?


How does the teacher approach the pole dance?

We work to have this part of the class work together as a whole. Students work their entire class together and it’s really enjoyable, for teachers as well.

What has been most challenging about pole dancing?

We have had to change and adapt our class program to allow more flexibility for the instructors. We have to do this to make sure all of our students will continue to get an excellent experience. Some of those changes are changes to the lesson structure and the time we give to each lesson.

What has been the greatest lesson we have given so far?

What has been the best lesson you have taught? Tell us about it!

What do you hope is that the next Pole Dancing 101 student will take away from your class?

This is our chance to give them an education that can change their lives.

Can you explain more about how the classes are run?

These classes are run under the leadership of a staff instructor, and they are usually held at a local dance studio. The instructors are very focused on developing the skills necessary to become a pole dancer. There are a number of things that have to be considered before a student can be considered for these classes.

Are there any other pole dance classes for beginners?

Yes there is. Please contact us at

What is the next Pole Dance 101 class in your area?

We are working on bringing this class to your area.

What are your hours of operation?

You can find the hours we require on our schedule page

What are your membership numbers?

Please contact us at to sign up for class.

Can you tell us about the background of pole dancing and what motivates instructors to help other dancers?

Polesyndicate 101 is run with the help of a team of members that is not affiliated with any other pole dancing group. The group will continue to evolve as new instructors join the crew.

Who are the teachers who conduct the lessons?

The instructors are all members of the community. One instructor is from a larger dance company and the other is a high school teacher who is passionate about pole dancing as well as helping to grow the community that she loves. The instructors have

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