Can you lose weight pole dancing? – Famous Pole Dancers

Can you lose weight pole dancing? – Famous Pole Dancers

Yes. Can you lose weight in the gym? Yes. Can you achieve better cardio results with less training? Yes. Does the weight loss from pole dancing help with your weight loss efforts in general? Yes and no. Not in general of course, but pole dancing weight loss techniques are quite similar to other weight loss workouts.

How often is weight loss recommended for women? Is it a daily goal? A week or three months? Is it best to keep track of this when training? For sure if you go by other people that have been doing it for a while, but that is a personal choice, I’m not talking about you. What about your motivation for doing pole dancing for your own workout? Have you been lifting weights in the gym? Have you been following a fat loss regimen, trying to lose 10kg/16lb a week for a year?

How often is weight loss advocated for weight-loss-oriented women? Is it a daily goal or does it apply to you at all times? If not how? How often does it happen that we need to ask ourselves this question?

How long does it take to reach a desired weight on the pole? Does it all happen in one go (e.g. on stage) or do you try a new routine before each event?

Do you need to carry any equipment on our pole dance stage? And if yes, what kind?

How do you manage your calorie intake? Do you eat in-depth, just because it looks good on the pole, or if only after the event?

Why do you decide to get on the pole? Is it out of fear or curiosity? Because you are really talented in another form of dance or sport? Because people look nice in the photos? Because you are an exceptional person with unique artistic vision? Who knows? I’m pretty good at guessing, though….

What does the end result look like when you have lost weight on the pole? Is it what you expected? What you would like to see happen when you are wearing this dress?

Do you get tired after performing?

How many people participate in Pole Dance on a monthly basis ?

Why do some people prefer the pole to the bar – if you are going to get down on the dance floor, why not in the middle?

If you are not able to go to pole dancing with this dress – is it a problem to you? Should it be acceptable to you to not perform in a dress

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