Can you pole dance if you’re overweight? – Pole Dance Classes

Can you pole dance if you’re overweight? – Pole Dance Classes

Absolutely. There are some great pole dancing studios in South America and some in Korea.

What about for people new to this sport or those with disabilities?

I see a lot of people with cerebral palsy or a developmental disability and we try our best to provide support to them. I think that’s one of the greatest skills a pole dancer has – they’re always able to look at their partner and talk to them.

Who is your favourite pole dancer?

Linda is great! Linda’s a great mother – she loves our little boys. She really, really has a fun time, and it’s really important for people to see that they’re not alone. It is so great to see these kids being so happy, so happy and enjoying what they’re doing. It’s really inspirational to see, and I hope that it doesn’t take that away from the next generation.

Have any of your kids become regulars at a pole dancing studio in the area? If so, tell us about it. Do they ever ask to dance somewhere else?

Yes. There’s a studio that has moved from my home town in Australia and they have a huge following of kids. I’m very excited for our local kids who love to dance. I’ve also got kids of my own who really enjoy it – one of them even went to a competition recently.

What advice would you give aspiring pole dancers?

Learn how to dance. It’s a big skill; it’s a life skill. You’ll also be in a better place when you start dancing!

What are some tips you’d share for anyone interested in pursuing pole dancing or dancing in Australia?

Always have fun, and see the world!

This interview has been edited for length and clarity.

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