Do you have to be skinny to pole dance? – Pole Dance Classes

Yeah, it’s hard. I’ve never had any problem. I was once at a pole dance with a girl called Jennifer and I had to leave. I wasn’t sure if I could go anymore or not. I tried for a while but a week later it happened, just a few days apart. She was taller, heavier, so I got it out. It wasn’t pretty, but I was at a pole dance with her, so it wasn’t like they were being sexual, they just wanted to see what I looked like. I didn’t ask too much too. One month later I started to get noticed and I was in the pole dance competition. The rest isn’t really my story. The only thing I wanted to do, and it is just dancing, was to go up and have fun at my competitions.

You mentioned before about trying to get in Shape. What is it about being a pole dancer that attracts so many?

There are a lot of things about it. I guess it depends on how many people you have dancing, how hard you try to get to your best form, but there always seems to be a new one to try out. You can’t help it you get curious. And of course it is great fun doing it if all you have is the attitude and a body ready to take the punishment. And the music!

How do you get into all of this? What are you doing to get a body so muscular and so strong?

You have to be very good. You have to have a strong mind. You have to be very confident. You have to have the stamina. A lot of people can’t even try it, so it is always about getting it. You have to get good at doing what you are dancing and what you want. You don’t dance to lose weight, you don’t dance to be skinny. The weight is just a bandage.

There are a lot of people that only want to try pole but don’t know what to do. How do you approach them?

First of all, ask them to help you. That’s always the first question. If it helps you, great, if not, just don’t get discouraged. You are not going to do it by yourself, you are going to have the support of your family, community and friends.

I think that is probably what I am trying to emphasize. I was raised as a Christian, and I believe in being a Christian and Christian-like

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