Do you need to be strong to pole dance? – Pole Dancing Classes In Los Angeles California

Do you need to be strong to pole dance? – Pole Dancing Classes In Los Angeles California

Not really. If you make yourself strong I can see you getting a pole on. But the reality is, your body is not built to pole. A strong pole gives your body a lot of stress. You may lose the pole, and the pole may become very uncomfortable, and it might give your back pain. If you are already a strong pole dancer, you do not need to go out and get a heavy pole to get off.

I’m not afraid. If it helps and it’s for a good cause, I’ll do it, but pole dancing for me is more of a hobby. I know it’s dangerous. I know it’s a physical art.

Do you have a pole in the back for those that have a lot of trouble putting their hands on it?

No, that would ruin it. It gives you a different perspective on life.

But if pole dancing doesn’t work for you, have you done any other artistic projects?

I started a school, and got a lot of great student-athletes to help me. I also did a lot of writing and an urban ballet company with a woman. I’ve also made a video [on my site] with a pole dance company in LA.

Have you ever been in trouble in your life?

Not really. If I have, [if] it’s from the community, then yes. But if it’s someone harassing, I’ve never experienced anything of that sort. I got a lot of bullying as well but I’m only talking about myself and I’m still out there. I’ve never been in a fight or had a fight in my life. I just got one year in college. That’s too much of a long run.

When will Pole Dance College open?

Pole Dance College will be opening on May 19th.

Can I watch you make pole again?

You should [see me].

Want to see me take my pole to a higher level?

You could see me on May 19 at the event, or if you are able to secure tickets, it’s gonna be a full day and a half of my time. I’m gonna be spinning a variety of different moves.

I’m sure it’ll be hard to see you doing them live because you don’t speak English (though maybe in your own language)?

Yeah, it will be. But I think it will be hard for anyone to understand why I’m

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