Does dancing build muscle? – Pole Dance Moves That Involve Legs Only Workout Wear

Does dancing build muscle? – Pole Dance Moves That Involve Legs Only Workout Wear

Does it do it for a variety of reasons, as opposed to just being a way for you to show off a little muscle?

Probably both, really! Dancing can have a number of different health benefit effects. The first of these is that it is thought to increase bone density. The bone density in your legs helps to hold up your muscle tissue which then helps to hold up your skeleton. Dancers also have a high bone density, meaning they are more durable and their joints aren’t stiff.

How dancing can build muscle is pretty obvious. It takes a lot of energy to dance, so the muscles in your legs just need to work harder and that’s not


Now there aren’t a ton of research studies out there but most research studies look at the correlation between dance movements and muscle gains. In this study for instance, dancers were asked to perform a single limb swing, something where the legs are used to swing and the trunk is used to hold it up. This allows for a lot of research to be done to try to determine if movements are better or worse than other common movements. In that same study, dancers also had to have their bodies in a specific position such that they are in the correct range of motion to perform the swing – not completely off balance which could affect the results.

This is how dancing builds muscle. By doing simple movements that can help create better mechanics for your legs. Now this isn’t to say that your movements are going to look like a ballerina doing a dance routine – but you don’t need a six hour workout every day – if you can just do a couple of moves that work for you then you should be able to improve.

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