Does the pole spin in pole dancing? – Indian Pole Gymnastics

Does the pole spin in pole dancing? – Indian Pole Gymnastics

The pole spins in pole dancing? That’s the mystery of pole dancing and why everybody looks at you differently.”

Indian Pole Gymnastics
“The pole dance is not an art form. It’s something totally inappropriate. We are trying to attract people. It’s a sport, but I want to attract people who love the sport.”

“I’d like to go out with my family. In India, my family goes out with me… I don’t want that to change… I’m here to be here and to entertain.”

“The Pole Dancing has something to do with beauty. I’m a beautiful goddess of Pole…”

She laughs, and it doesn’t sound as if she is joking. She says: “They used to make my name the ‘Queen of Pole.'”

I ask her if they have ever looked at the pictures and come up with suggestions for her. “I look like Madonna,” she says. “But they’ve never suggested anything to be changed.”

I ask her if she thinks there’s more of the ‘Lady Luck’ side in her. “That’s what I love,” she smiles back.

It’s all pretty easy-going stuff. There are no politics involved. And the ladies never have to wear shorts on stage.

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