How do you prepare for pole dancing? – Miss Pole Dance

How do you prepare for pole dancing? – Miss Pole Dance

I always want to be a better dancer and dancer coach.

After years and years of practice, I am now at my most capable when I can see the point of pole dancing.

I like to get some free time to myself and enjoy my life and enjoy the journey.

What is the biggest learning curve in pole dancing?

Finding a decent pole dancer for you can be a challenge.

If you have been dancing for a long time without much success, chances are you will never find a pole dancer from your area.

Most pole students (and teachers) don’t have enough experience to be able to teach you a basic pole movement.

In this case, your best bet is to start a YouTube channel to show your pole moves, and to show your dance moves in front of a live audience of other pole dancers.

The more I dance my pole, the more I realize that it is all about experience and self-knowledge.

It’s difficult to find a pole dance teacher who understands this aspect of the sport.

The most critical thing is to know yourself and be your own best pole dancer.

Where do you want to go in pole dancing?

For a while, I thought I had to be an elite pole dancer in order to be successful and be on a top pole team. And that led me to believing I had to practice for decades just to be competent at pole dancing.

After spending a very long time to be good at pole dancing, and seeing how hard it is to master pole dancing, I now realize to go as deep as you can into pole dancing is what you will want for your career.

I am a passionate person for this sport and this is where I want to get going.

I am looking forward to seeing where I can take pole dancing in the future, whether it continues as something I do for a living, or whether I become a pole dancing coach, or become an investor or something else.

How many years of practice will you need before you are a proper pole dancer?

I don’t give a lot of details about the hours I put into my dance, except that I put in at least 45 hours.

To be able to move as smoothly as I do, you need to invest a lot in training.

And my philosophy of training is “Don’t do anything too stupid, go to class and try to practice”.

So, you need

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