How much does a dance pole cost?

How much does a dance pole cost?

A traditional pole from China cost about US$12. This is a long pole with a very long piece. It can cost between 30,000 and 70,000 yuan.

A more common pole cost about US$6.

A modern pole costs about US$3. The more expensive ones are made in China.

There are several types. The most popular are very small and can cost as little as US$1.

How much does the pole have to be long?

Any pole must be longer than one meter or two feet to be classified as a dance pole. In the long pole there are two types – one has to be longer than one meter, the other has to be smaller

For example, the traditional pole from China is around 4-6 meters long. However one can obtain one in just two hours. The pole with long part to be very small usually costs US$4-8 and a big one around US$8.

The pole from China can be used for both dance and walking.

The pole from the USA is about 3 meters long. This is enough to dance one meter to the next one. This pole is popular to walk a lot. For example you can dance around 6-7 meters a day.

There are the special ones and the cheap ones.

You may get another one that is 2-3 meters long. The pole that is less than 3m long is not a dance pole any longer.
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Is a dance pole an acceptable form of exercise?

As long time ago as 1990, the Chinese government advised the public to do dance exercises for a healthy and longer life. As of today, the same advice is still given by the same Chinese authorities to the people.

You are supposed to do regular exercises – running, jumping, playing chess etc.

If your goal is to do gymnastic exercises – gymnastics are not recommended. But if your goal is to stay healthy, then it is good that you should do the exercises.

A common misunderstanding people have is that if you don’t exercise, your muscles will deteriorate. A proper diet is important also.

How long is the pole?

Most people think that a new pole has to be a year old. A new pole has to be a year and a half old before it can be used for dancing.

The new pole in the last years is usually much shorter than the old one. For