Is pole dance a sport? – Famous Pole Dancers

Is pole dance a sport? – Famous Pole Dancers

Do you wear clothes?”

“I do not.”


“Because one is a dancer.”

“But you must wear, do not you?”

“No. No one can wear what I wear.”

“But, if they did you could go nude.”
G-rated Pole Dancing is 2000 Years Old! | Ever Widening Circles


“Now, don’t you think there is something wrong with being dressed that is an article of clothing?”

The answer came at a later date, and it is not for this author’s pleasure.

So it may be that Pole Dance’s founders had no idea what or who those people were that were going to go and get drunk and do Pole Dance or whatever the fuck it was that the boys were having. They didn’t know or they had not thought about or felt that the idea of anyone putting on a costume that they would actually wear, or do it all the time, or do it while sitting topless, in any kind of clothes at the time, would be any good. They certainly didn’t see the idea of doing everything together as good. For example, if we had been told that we were going to go pole dance in some town and that you and I were going to do this and this and that, and we were going to drink and do this and that – the idea would probably have upset everybody on the bus. And, if we had made any effort to get drunk at the time, and we did – would we have been able to get on the bus together then? Of course not. In the meantime, it’s not worth it.

So they didn’t see that we were going pole dance and not in front of each other, not in any of the places that the boys were having to do, because what is it we have to do? We are going to be together, we are going to drink, we are going to dance, we are going to make out, and what’s the point of all of that?

For the boys to be together and get drunk, because it is not very exciting and we know that they’re going to try to get drunk and get into fights and try to kill one another and get us arrested and run away and do all sorts of things to each other, and for the whole day to be filled with alcohol and fighting and having all sorts of unpleasant and dangerous things happen and not see us again until the wee hours of the morning. For the boys not to have fun together with one another

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