Is pole dance a sport?

Is pole dance a sport?

Can you tell? Just because the girls are wearing tight skirts and high heels, doesn’t mean they’re not having fun.

But when you look at the way this dance is performed, it’s clear what was going on the night all along. A woman with a pole in her hand, a stick in hand, and a man is moving it and it’s just… not a thing. It has no meaning. It’s just not a thing. It’s just a dance.

So we all know what happens after these two words. One is thrown. One is caught. The other is put back in her hands. The only words used that last sentence are: (1) “Oh, look at you!” “Do you know this woman is crazy?” “I don’t mean you,” and the other: “Who is this woman?”

This video has been viewed more than 4.7million times and we really don’t have a lot to say about it. We just know it doesn’t count.

What did you think of this video? Do you agree with the sentiment that women can’t be trusted in public for that long? How do you think pole dancing could improve?

Banks have taken the unusual step of declaring bankruptcy after they were unable to recover the $45 billion they spent selling mortgage-backed securities to investors around the world who believed in the securities.

The move by Bank of America Merrill Lynch, in which it has agreed to sell the assets of 1,350 of its mortgage securities, is the first since the housing crisis began, and follows an unprecedented effort to sell the asset class in the aftermath of the financial crisis.

While some banks have been able to make a significant recovery, the banks that have sought to restructure are all operating in a severely weakened financial system, and are at risk of losing their solvency, some of the financial experts said.

“It’s hard to argue the banks are healthier than they were in 2007, nor would they necessarily get any healthier,” Scott Anderson, a principal at Capital Advisors, said in a telephone interview yesterday. “All I know is there’s been a lot of talk about restructuring, not a lot of concrete action.”


Bank of America said on Tuesday its goal was to sell its mortgage securities portfolio through a private-public partnership, a common process for institutions such as this bank. JPMorgan Chase said in its court filing Tuesday it had struck a deal with a public-private partnership.