Is there a weight limit for pole dancing? – Best Pole Dance Ever

Is there a weight limit for pole dancing? – Best Pole Dance Ever

The International Pole Fitness Federation (FPF) does not set or impose a weight limit for any of its tournaments. It is based on competition-driven criteria, such as the number of competitors, the quality of the competition and the level of fitness level. All competitions must be held on a suitable surface and have appropriate safety precautions in place.

When does pole dancing start?

For more information see Pole Dancing – Types of competitions.

Is there a dress code in pole dancing?

To be considered for a pole dancing uniform, females and males must wear the following:

A uniform that is clean and suitable for everyday wear.

A hat or face mask should cover the ears in addition to the eyes.

If a female chooses to wear an unisex uniform, she must wear the appropriate dress for the type of competition she is entering; her partner cannot wear something that is too provocative or too revealing.

Can anyone change their costume after the competition or during the ceremony?

Yes. The dress code on each pole dancing floor is a reflection of the contest rules. All athletes must have the appropriate number of fittings, a clean uniform and should wear a hat or face mask during the competition if possible.

How much is training? How much time do I need?

Most pole dancers train at least 4 times a week.

You should plan to train 4-6 times per week during your first year of pole dancing.

The duration of training depends on your level of fitness and current training. In general, Pole Dance training for both males and females is 10-12 hours/week.

You may train for more or less than this if you need extra time during your pole dancing season.
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What is my time limit?

Time limit is based on the number of fittings you need if you are competing in a competition or your current training (if applicable) plus 2 hours. Your time limit also applies if you are competing in a competition in which the competition is held in a venue where the official time limit for the event is different to, or less than 2 hours long.

If time limit is the same for both competitions, and you are not participating in a competition that has a different time limit, your total time time must be the same as if you had attended the other competition. In this case, the final time limit is the final time limit for both competitions.

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