Can we drink saffron milk daily? – Fedco Saffron

Can we drink saffron milk daily? – Fedco Saffron

Yes, definitely. There isn’t a lot we can say about the flavor it provides at this point. We’ve found that its flavors are pretty much neutral, which is great. I think the fact that it’s milk will help keep the bitterness in check. I hope the new season will get the saffron out of the picture altogether.

We had some interesting conversations with our guests about their personal tastes, and they were pretty much all very enthusiastic to try this recipe. Some like it a little sweet. Others like it to have a salty saltiness that keeps it interesting. Others like it to have a slight citrus flavor. And then there’s people like me who like it to have a nuttiness that will keep you coming back for more. At $19 a pound, you can’t go wrong with this recipe. There are few substitutes for this particular spice.

The recipe we shared with you is the only recipe I actually found to create saffron milk from scratch.

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Researchers have discovered a new method in which we perceive colors that are not there, despite being surrounded by the light they do exist. The technique — a type of “fading” — works by manipulating the perception of brightness, like color. [Source]

For a few moments, imagine that red sounds like blue light, and green sounds like red light. Imagine then that you are wearing a suit and tie and reading a book on the floor. This is how the researchers perceive colors around them. I’ve always thought this was strange:

After all, we already know a lot about how color is perceived and what is a “true” color, yet the researchers found it makes no difference for the researchers what colors appear. If we’re paying attention, everything looks the same.

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What you see, you perceive.

This is a fascinating new way of seeing. But it’s also very counterintuitive and strange. We already have the ability to “see” shades of blue, yellow, and green, but not the colors in the spectrum between those. (See here for more on the red-green color spectrum.) In the past few years, researchers have used “blinking” and bright lights to test whether different colors in the rainbow are perceived

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