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There’s a story among the old school fans of the Seattle Seahawks, one that many of them believe was born when the team went from the Super Bowl XL to the Super Bowl XLVII as an underdog.

“We would look at Seattle and think, ‘Wow, how can this thing not work?'” said former coach Phil Emery last season when asked how it would be different if they were to be back at home and didn’t even have to play on New Year’s Eve. “But even if we do get one — that one thing, we look forward to it. The Seattle fans were a different bunch. They knew. It was about that.”

You don’t have to spend a lot of time outside Seattle to know there’s a certain feeling that comes when a team is playing well on the outside of your favorite rival.

When it was first drafted, the Seahawks weren’t projected to be a perennial playoff contender. They had a quarterback who had been hurt in the previous camp, and the offense was getting its hands dirty on fourth downs by running the ball through a bunch of bad blocking linemen, rather than playing it safe and relying on Wilson and the offense taking chances.
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With the arrival of Carroll’s scheme and a new coach in 2010, the Seahawks went from being a Super Bowl contender to a playoff favorite. The only real issue was staying healthy. Carroll put his team through a rigorous training camp and preseason that was tough for any team, but especially for any quarterback. Even though Doug Baldwin was sidelined with a hamstring injury for the first preseason game, Carroll got creative with his scheme and, well, put the team through a lot of tough workouts. That’s what happens when you play a fast-paced offense and have a good quarterback to get into the rhythm of things.

The offense looked good at some points, including in a 22-14 win over Tampa Bay the previous September that came in Week 1 of the 2010 season. This was Carroll’s first game as the head coach, and he seemed like he knew exactly what he was doing. The Bucs had a defense that had been through four head coaches in the first year of Pete Carroll’s tenure, and the defense was holding up really well on the other side of the ball against a team that had never even started a game in the NFL.

Even though the defense didn’t score first the rest of the way, it did get the first scoring chance of the game. The Seahawks were

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