How do you plant saffron seeds? – Saffron Crocus Planting Distance

How do you plant saffron seeds? – Saffron Crocus Planting Distance

The method for planting saffron seeds is a very complicated yet beautiful, which I’ll explain in another post! First of all, you need to be patient.

Plant saffron seeds in a place that is well-humid but not too hot, since the seeds will germinate very fast. I planted some seeds near the beach, and I have to be very careful when planting saffron seeds near water. A very hot day, with wind or strong rain, will spoil the seeds.

When you cut off the little saffron stalk, leave a small hole where it should stand. Now take the seed of saffron and poke it at the hole you’ve made in ground.

The seeds should germinate very fast under this kind of sun. Try to leave a very thin hole for the seed to stand within, and not have soil near. You should keep the seeds between the seeds and rocks with the seed and rock in between.

What kind of seed should you plant first – the more beautiful ones or the small ones?

It’s really a matter of taste. You should keep in mind that they should be small. I prefer the saffron that is just a teeny bit bigger than the seed, it grows bigger very fast! It doesn’t look so beautiful with its very small size!

So now you have your planting plan ready for next to nothing! It’s time to plant and cultivate!

How much saffron should you harvest from the plants?

Plant saffron seeds in a soil that is not too moist, so there will be a little space between each seed, and place your saffron and seed in between the soil.

After planting them, you can plant the saffron seeds again. If you were successful with the first seeds, your next year’s crop might be successful to be a success too!

What about your planting space? What should you plant in it?

This is your first plant and I have to warn you: the saffron is very sensitive to humidity. Try to plant it in a room that is fully humid at all times or in a small plant pot where you can spread out the saffron a bit and cover it with another layer of soil. (There are also saffron growing in an air conditioner or in your window, in this case you might have to spray the dry air! )

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