How much can you make growing saffron?

How much can you make growing saffron?

Well, most of you would argue that a lot. I can tell you the price of saffron has become increasingly expensive.

You know this, because I talked to you last year and asked all the people in charge — I didn’t say it to you, I was at a saffron festival — how much of a part they felt saffron would play in their brand.

Now I’ve had a lot of conversations with them, and I’ve realized that there are people in business, because there are people in government, and I’ve listened to them saying it’s an essential part of their business.

But in other countries, where there are big industrial interests, like in Turkey, where there’s enormous demand of saffron, they’ve really taken to it. In India, where there is not such demand, people can’t say anything. It’s very expensive to grow saffron as in India, which is why the prices have risen.

People can’t say what should be the price of saffron if it doesn’t come from India?

A lot of people have been thinking if we want to give people the right experience of saffron, why not allow them to buy saffron from other places? Why not allow people to buy saffron abroad? Why not make it so people can buy other plants?

There are so many alternatives. If you go to India and buy a pound of saffron, you need to go to the best vendor to buy a pound of any plant you want. You could use saffron grown in Malaysia or other places that aren’t very good and you can still get a pound for the same money. And it gets more precious, too, because of its rarity.

Why is saffron being blamed on poverty?

I can’t understand it. Why is it being blamed if people can afford it?

Why would you let people in when they can’t afford it? It’s not that it’s not made in poor areas, it’s not that people cannot afford it. I can understand it if it’s being grown in a small plot, and if you grow saffron on a small plot, you don’t have to worry about the land.

Why isn’t it growing in big quantities?

If a lot of people buy two pounds of saffron, so how often will it be grown? No, I would like to see it grown much more