What is saffron good for? – Planting Saffron Crocus

What is saffron good for? – Planting Saffron Crocus

Saffron is said to have medicinal uses and is a spice. There is a reason for that. It is used to make perfumes in India as well as for cosmetics – the most famous of which being saffron oil. It is used in India for its supposed medicinal properties.

According to the Wikipedia article:

The leaves (both dry and fresh) of saffron are a potent source of the herb, turmeric, which is used as a spice, and it has been speculated that the spiciness of saffron may help suppress inflammation.

How to get saffron?

Saffron is most easily obtained in the Indian states of Kerala and Karnataka – and as far as I know most people are not afraid of the fact. Here is how you can procure saffron:

Go to your local deli – pick up the saffron. It will be small and hard. If you live in a large city, such as New York, check out your local Whole Foods for a wide selection of saffron – as it is fairly easy to spot if something isn’t in the package!

You can either pay for the whole bundle or buy a little sample. There is no need to worry about being ripped off!

Once you buy a little bit of the leaf, you can add it to a small amount of olive oil in a shallow dish. If you decide you don’t like the taste of saffron, cut it in half and throw some into the olive oil. Do not add more or you could end up with a big, greasy mess!

Saffron has a spicy herbal smell.

Once you have added your olive oil, stir for a few seconds. It should be brown and bubbly, and you will be able to see a faint smell in the oil – this smells like spice! Add the oil and stir again. When using it in a food recipe, like in pasta or fried foods, or in other recipes which involve salt, pepper or spices, it is best to add it to boiling water first, to get the flavor through faster!

You can find online guides about making saffron oil, but I would suggest researching how it is made (such as on the internet). A lot of websites are run for ‘tastability’ – something which is a lot more important when searching for saffron oil. Even if you use the right oil (for example, coconut

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