What is the most expensive item by weight? – How Long To Grow Ginger Root

What is the most expensive item by weight? – How Long To Grow Ginger Root

Bag: $25.80

$25.80 Shoes: $19.00

$19.00 Sunglasses: $5.90

$5.90 Clothing: $4.50

$4.50 Personal items: $7.20

$7.20 Accessories: $23.30

$23.30 Total: $61.70

*We recommend having your own computer.

For this item, it costs $23.30/month to rent a computer and all services associated with it at the same time.

If you are a student with a computer bill of $10-$20/month, then consider renting a computer for $16.90- $22.90/month.

You need to be creative to figure out which is the most expensive item.

To rent a computer at any apartment complex in the city cost $11.00. Here is the most expensive price, just to rent a laptop:


$13.00 Personal items: $16.00

$16.00 Clothing: $10.50

$10.50 Personal items: ($9.00)

$9.00 Personal items: ($9.00) Equipment: $3.60

$3.60 Personal items: ($4.00)

$4.00 Personal items: ($4.00) Total: $27.30



All rent are per month.

If the rent of your computer is higher than $17.80/month, then you are on a very budget. The best option is to find a apartment that is less than $17.80/month in which you can rent for $17.80.

Here is a list of all the locations where you can rent from here.

The internet and telephone bills are the two essential needs of a student. With the cost of these costs, you can easily pay it off in a year.

There is more to living student than just food, clothes and personal items.

Read our more articles about student living here.

Students with money problems can borrow money. It seems that the cost of debt increases as soon as a student gets a degree.

You can borrow money at many places, just follow these tips.

There are a lot of colleges to attend

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