When can I divide saffron bulbs?

When can I divide saffron bulbs?

When can I buy saffron bulbs?

To obtain the finest bulb quality, the saffron bulbs are made by the best suppliers in the industry.

Where can I buy saffron bulbs from?

We take pride in bringing saffron to the masses. We are committed to our customers throughout the globe, wherever you may live. When you shop with us, you will never be disappointed. The quality of our bulbs are second to none.

Why are we selling saffron bulbs that are not yellow?

A lot of saffron bulbs in the market are yellow, although some of them are yellow by color. The color of saffron is extremely deep in color, as it is usually the first variety of color after oil.

How much saffron can you buy in a pound?

Typically, the pound weight of saffron bulbs is about 1.0 – 1.5 km.

Do saffron bulbs need oxygen at harvest time?

Yes, at harvest time all the leaves are removed from the saffron bulbs with a tweezer and then the bulbs are placed in a sealed bag and put in the greenhouse. The oxygen in those bags will help to prevent the saffron bulb from deteriorating.

What happens to the saffron if the greenhouse is flooded during the rainy season?

At harvest time the saffron will be placed into a sealed bag. The plant will then grow with the remaining leaves after the water has passed. This means the bulb will remain healthy and beautiful!

Can I cut saffron bulbs?

Cutting saffron bulbs is not allowed at the farm and only taken if necessary.

What kind of color can saffron bulbs produce when used with a white bulb?

The plant produces two types of bulbs at different times. There is one kind of saffron at harvest time which produces green bulbs and a different species of saffron produced during the vegetative stage. The plant has to be harvested right after production of the green bulb since its green is usually a deep color. The saffron bulb and the green bulb are not the same thing.
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Can I buy a bulb made with the saffron bulbs?

Yes, you will get a bulb in an amber shell. There is a difference between amber and white amber. In amber the saffron seed is the same color as the bulb,