Who buys the most saffron?

Who buys the most saffron?

“Our sales and marketing team is currently evaluating the factors that influence what saffron is consumed in the market and determining how best to deliver the product through existing and new channels to meet the consumer’s needs,” says Keshav Sharma, CEO.

On what exactly does saffron have to offer? “Saffron benefits from a strong antioxidant content, its antimicrobial properties, its ability to improve the body’s health, its ability to detoxify and cure, and its antimicrobial effect. Its medicinal value is particularly appealing to health gurus and dieters,” says the brand page.
Could the world's most expensive spice help farmers in Vermont?

Saffron products are available at Amazon India.com and various specialty stores including Kolkata branch of Shonbu Meha.

Brisbane City Council is set to build a $200 million underground train station – one of the most ambitious and expensive infrastructure projects in Australian history.

The city’s biggest-ever underground building, with a five-storey tower, underground carpark and pedestrian-friendly entrance, as well as a six-metre-wide footbridge and two-metre-deep tunnel beneath the water, was unveiled by Mayor Annastacia Palaszczuk at a ceremony on Friday.

The project will be an extension of what is already one of the biggest subway networks in the Western world. If complete, the line will link the airport and Central Station.

Fellow redditor and I have been getting into the habit of making maps of some type. I’m currently learning about using Google Earth to make maps, and thought I’d take a shot at building a map of our trip. It’s been great to make maps and show you what we did there, and I have another one of my own to show you. Hope it works for you to at least give you an idea what we did.

It’s a very long journey back to the train station in the forest. We got there around 9AM last night and parked at the train station. We walked straight to the train station on the first and last train out of the city. We went through the train station and all the escalators and steps into the city. You pass the subway, the train, and the station entrance by the time you are halfway down the street to the train station.

The train station entrance.

We didn’t see anyone going into the station, but as soon as we crossed the street the guy with us turned around and pointed, and we ran inside the station