Can you get rich day trading?

Can you get rich day trading?

I really do not understand how it’s possible for me to make money trading bitcoin. I’m always asking myself if it’s worth it to me or to the market to have a bitcoin portfolio.

Do you trade stocks?

I bought a stock a year ago after my friend who I don’t know told me the news that the stock would go up. In the beginning, I didn’t really understand what a stock is and how it works. Now, I’ve learned quite a bit about it. I am a long and short in my trading. I have my preference for the long side but I am open to the market at any time. I don’t need to be a genius for that part. I guess if you are serious about investing in the market, you should have a technical analysis that shows you what you are putting in versus what the market is anticipating going forward.

If you could trade any currency, what would you buy?

I would buy gold. In my previous life, I used to get excited about buying gold while working outside of the banking industry. In my last job, I found out the value of money doesn’t go down. At the end of the day, I learned that I can just buy whatever I need for the next seven years and it will actually help me in the end anyway. Now, I do find gold for myself on occasion.

You have a bit of an idea on what the Bitcoin could look like in the future.

Right now, I don’t have a lot of information about when it might arrive so I don’t think a lot about it but it should happen one day. Now, I am more invested in the digital currency which means that bitcoin will become as mainstream as the stock market.

Rabbits in the Middle North:
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Why Rabbits in the Middle North?

The name “Middle North” denotes a place in New York state and Canada which was formerly a part of Great Britain. For hundreds of years it was the most fertile part of the United States and it was also a hub for the fur trade. It had a strong presence in the early United States, as did the rest of the Hudson Bay region.

It was also an area where European explorers had their first contact with Native Americans. A German settler named Thomas Anderson set out on the trail of Christopher Columbus in 1600. Columbus, on his first voyage had explored the region along the St. Lawrence. He also established a trading settlement in the