How can I become an intraday trader?

How can I become an intraday trader?

If you have an account at any intraday broker, you can get started trading in the next 30 minutes.

When can I start trading?

We recommend that you begin trading within six to 12 months (1) after you have acquired all the skills necessary to trade in an automated trading environment. You will need to be comfortable with the trading systems. (2) To learn to trade effectively, you will need to be comfortable with automated trading programs and their trading techniques.

Will you be offering intraday trading on my account?

Intraday trading on your account will only be available to customers who are in the Intraday broker market. Intraday broker-account holders will not be able to trade through the intraday broker, but we will offer intraday orders that traders can buy and sell using the Intraday API.

Will I be given access to all the information on what trades are taking place during the markets so that I might know what the market wants to do next so that I can anticipate which trades are likely to be accepted?

Our trading algorithms are completely proprietary and not subject to disclosure. No information will be made available to your broker’s client base, to any third party or to third parties other than Intraday Market. Intraday Market is not a stock exchange and neither is Intraday.

In order to get an idea of what the market is looking like, you will need to read the Market Flow and Market Alerts. A comprehensive market flow report will be available to you in the next 24-36 hours.

We will be providing daily Market Flow Reports once a week starting on December 25th.

For all intraday trading in the next 12-24 weeks, the Intraday broker will only provide intraday orders with price limits that are set by the Intraday markets.

We cannot provide intraday funds for your account for trading.

I have a client who is an intraday trader that wants to trade. How do they register?

Because Intraday Market is not a stock exchange and neither is Intraday, there is no way to register for the Intraday broker. This means that clients will not have access to Intraday order books and Intraday API access through the Intraday broker. All intraday clients will be treated by Intraday Market the same way as intraday brokers are treated by other