How do I cancel swing trader?

How do I cancel swing trader?

To cancel swing trader you need to have been trading for more than 30 days and you are going to miss the 30 day deadline as it applies to both market timing and position size.
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You can choose to cancel the market timing or position size at any point up to the 30 day deadline. You can cancel the market timing either by following the steps below or by calling the Trading Desk. However, if you cancel the trading position with the trader directly you won’t receive any money or trade in that order.

To cancel the trading position you can follow the steps below or call the Trading Desk. In each case, you will need to provide your trade ID for which you’ll need to use the following information if you want to cancel it.

Name: Email: Telephone:

Steps To Cancel Trading Position

Step 1: Open a trading session and choose Not Traded.

Step 2: Find the trader in the order books that you believe has an order worth over $5,000.

Step 3: Click Cancel Trading Position on the trader’s order book.

If you have any doubt about whether you think you will be able to cancel the trade or if you need more information you can call our Customer Support Centre.

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