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The highest income a trader can make per year is $180,000. This is a lot of money, but do you really need your very own office in a skyscraper in New York City? In addition to earning a pretty average salary, high-quality work can also be a great way to get paid.

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The lowest income a trader can make per year is $13,000. A lot of traders are getting into trading so they can make money on the side. There is no shortage of money in the finance industry, so long as you’re not working at the back of a desk in a small cubicle.

You might think it would be hard for any trader to make that much by investing in the stock market, but it’s actually easy. If you buy an index fund that’s heavily weighted in the stock market, you can easily get paid.

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How much do day traders really make per year?

It’s difficult to measure the true value of day trading. According to the Financial Times, the average day trader made more than $170 per month based on financial industry data.

Most day traders will work much shorter hours than the average trader in the financial industry, but the numbers are still high. It’s possible to make more money by trading on a fixed-rate basis than by trading on a currency exchange.

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What are the advantages of working 24/7?

When it comes to money and how much it is worth, there are no advantages to working 24/7. It really just makes more sense for someone who has a high IQ and wants to make money in any way possible.

You’ll find that working more hours doesn’t necessarily make more money, but it will certainly increase the amount of time your mind is occupied and the time you can spend at home with the family.

You’ll need to come in every day and try to earn more money (at least once) to ensure having a place like this. It isn’t unusual to earn more money during the first few years because of the high turnover rate. Your average day-trader is probably making $150,000-200,000 per year.

You’ll likely work from home, but it’s important

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